Friday, May 2, 2008

I got a job!

I start working at Countrywide on Monday! I'll be on the opening team, which means I help start the loan process. It's supposed to be very repetitive and boring and I'll be in a cubicle. I'm actually pretty excited. I'll have to dress up a little for work! I think Corey's more excited about that than me! That means I won't be wearing a ponytail EVERY day! At least not at first! The girls will be going to Mary's house, which Ashlyn is practically fainting over! She'd move in with them, if she could! It's part-time, so it hopefully won't be too upsetting for the girls.

I had my 10 year high school reunion last weekend and went with my good friend, Valerie. It was fun, although I think the 20 year reunion will be more interesting (Tom will have to let me know if this is true, I think his is this summer). After ten years, people don't seem all that different. It was fun to visit with Valerie and I can't wait until she gets married! They are in the process of looking at buying a house and they are looking far, like Peoria! I tried to tell her my neighbor's house is for sale, but no dice! That's all fun stuff coming up for her! I'll be so excited when it's her turn to have babies! She's going to be an awesome mom, and it won't be all too long before she's at that point!

Corey has been working a little more, which is a good thing for him. That means there is enough work to keep them in business! I haven't gotten to a football game in a few weeks so I'm glad I get to go to tomorrows game. He's devastated over the Sun's playoffs performance, so please don't bring it up! Hope everyone is doing better than our basketball team is!

*The pictures are from my reunion, painting with Ava, Madilyn and Trace, the splash park at the Zoo, and Me, Mary and Tami celebrating Mary's birthday (Happy Birthday, Mary!).