Friday, July 3, 2009

Ava is a mermaid!

I had a ton of fun in Washington this past week with Brianne, John, Alex and V. The Washington girls are both growing up so fast! It was sad to say good-bye to them!! Look, won't be long until Alex is taller than Brianne!
The week I left for Washington, Ava decided she could swim. Well, she gave her mom a heart attack when she jumped in from the side of pool and swam to the steps. CRAZY!

She also played a little game where she swam to save her hat.

The girls LOVE to play "Streaker" where they lap the downstairs naked yelling, "Go, Streaker, Go!" (Corey came up with it...) Well, the new style of the game was "Crazy Underwear Heads." Yes, they both have on 3 pairs of panties, on various body parts.We are having too much fun this summer! Who can beat swimming and streaking?