Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's taking me awhile to recoup from being away and am scrambling to play catch up. I was ahead of school when I left for Florida but the funny thing is, you don't stay ahead when you don't get anything done for a bit. I came home and quickly had to get back into homework mode. The trip was awesome! Corey and I had a blast and have decided we could definitely live in Jacksonville if the need ever came up. We got in Sat. evening and made a friend on our flight who was running in the half marathon, so she rode with us to the expo to pick up our packet. She also happens to be very involved in all the breast cancer events and is putting a team together for the 3 day walk, which I've been very interested in. Anyone else want in? The marathon was at 8:30am on Sunday but they warned that the parking would be near impossible and recommended the shuttle system that they offered. So, I got up at 5am (3am, Arizona time!) got ready and had Corey drop me off at the shuttle pick up (and Starbucks didn't open until 6:30am, so no early morning treat!) The run was beautiful and I got to see Corey about 8 times! I got this little jump of excitement the first time I spotted him on the beach cheering me on and it really helped those four miles where the "hard packed sand" was loosened a little by a couple hundred runners! It was hot and humid and I can't say I actually enjoyed much of the run and had some painful moments but finished in a little over 4 hours and one minute (the GPS I was using said I ran 27.3 miles so I kinda stopped checking my time and didn't really know how my run was pacing.). If I'd known I was that close to breaking four hours, maybe I'd have picked it up a little somewhere! Or maybe not! I was tired, sunburned and had welts in my armpit from my ipod armband (which is now a pretty scar!) but so glad I ran it. The whole town came out and showed their support and there was so much pink! It was really inspiring how important this run was to so many people. I was very glad to see lots of "survivors!" After the run, Corey and I took a long nap that didn't have to end when kids are done sleeping (thank you so much Bob and Babb family for taking care of our ladies! You are too wonderful to us)! We spent every day at the beach after the run and just loved driving around the city without worrying about answering obscure questions from our kiddos. Tom got some certificates for 2 nights at the Marriott from work and was so nice to give them to us so we have the Babbs to thank for our first two nights! That really was so thoughtful of them! When we got home, the girls barely missed us and were quickly asking when they could hang out with their cousins again. Really, we had such a good time. I recovered fairly quickly and am now gearing up for the Ragnar relay this weekend. The run starts this Friday at 1pm, but I don't start my first leg until around 11pm or even later, depending on the prior 10 people. I think it's going to fun... I hope! Thanks so much for every one's support and well-wishing for this marathon!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ashlyn is four and a half!

We celebrated Ashlyn's four and HALF birthday on Friday and she was soo excited! She always makes a point of telling people that she's four and Landen is four and half, so this half birthday was very special to her! ( I didn't have the heart to point out to her that while she's finally hit the four and a half point, Landen kept growing up, too and is older than four and half.) She told her whole class at school and just was so happy. She wanted to know where her party was! I didn't throw a party but she blew out a candle on a oreo cookie cakester. In light of her growing up, (which totally goes against our deal with her NOT to grow up!) I decided to post some older, baby Ashlyn pictures. It's so weird, I barely remember a time as a mom without Ava, but when I look at baby Ashlyn pictures, I am struck with how much Ashlyn taught me about everything- life, parenting, patience, love, and even myself! Poor first kids! They're the test runs! Oh well, I think she's turned out pretty great, so far!

Some fun video clips!

We just uploaded some video clips on our computer of the girls. Brianne and Alex are in town from Seattle for Alex's gymnastics meet at Rawhide. She did awesome and made us all so proud! She placed second place on bars with a very clean routine, although my video clip is horribly fuzzy. She looked so grown up! Ashlyn loved watching her compete.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ashlyn hurt her finger!

Ashlyn got her finger slammed in the spare bedroom door. It hurt her a lot.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sassy Fairy came to visit!

Ava has been growing by leaps and bounds and is very motivated to be a big girl. The one thing we've been holding onto is that pacifier! She calls it her sassy. Well, we've been telling her for awhile that she needs to give her sassy to the babies (you know, the needy babies who don't have a sassy of their own, of course!) and that she needs to go to sleep without it. A couple of nights ago, I just threw out an idea. I told Ava she should put all her sassies in a basket we had in the hallway and the sassy fairy would come and take her sassy to the babies and leave her a treat. Wouldn't you know it, she bought it! She dumped her sassies in the basket and said, "bye-bye, sassies! Bye-bye, sassy fairy! You give my sassies to the babies!" She went to her big girl bed and I realized how big my little baby has become. I mean, I can bribe her! With fairies! After about ten minutes, she did start calling out for some comforting assistance. I went in there and told her she had to be quiet she'd scare the sassy fairy. And that was IT! So, mom ran out to the store to get sassy fairy prizes! The next morning was the best! I think Ashlyn was more excited than Ava! She grabbed my hand and with eyes as big as golf balls, said, "Mom, there really is a sassy fairy! Good job, Ava!" She was very impressed! Ava has done great, with a little bump in the road for her first nap post-sassy fairy (she just didn't take a nap, but has done with a sassy, so I'll take it!). She loves telling people that the sassy fairy came and gave her a treat and has been going to bed without it! Even with a terrible cough! Ashlyn has the leftover cough. I just took my last antibiotic for bronchitis tonight but am still hacking a little. Corey is feeling a little low but swears he isn't sick. He was great today and got both girls and Landen up (we had a sleep over last night, although we missed Talia!) and still made it to Talia's second basketball game (heard she rocked the first game and got some key points!) while I ran with the relay group for the first time. I was gone all morning and still got to go and visit one of my oldest friends, Valerie, in the afternoon/evening for some great catching up time. I got home and he was giving the girls a bath! What a great dad! By the way, Valerie is doing a hike for the American Cancer Society this Feb. and I'm really excited for her! She did a 15 mile hike last weekend with her Mom and sister. She also makes beautifuls cakes and actually has been doing some cakes on the side for a little extra cash! She made an awesome 2 tier chocolate fondant (homemade, her recipe/experiement!) baby shower cake for this weekend! It was amazing and very professional looking! I LOVED catching up with her! I told her and Corey I'd post a picure of my bloody sock from last weekend on here, so that's the picture you see. It's actually only a little blister but it rubbed for a quite awhile. Now, everytime I run, I get a bloody sock, even with band-aides and tape! But, it doesn't hurt and it's really tiny! We also did rollers in the girls hair but Ava wanted hers out right away. Ashlyn's hair turned out really cute, so check out her picture!