Friday, January 25, 2008

Ashlyn and her Firefighters!

Ashlyn had her firefighter picnic today and LOVED it! When you ask her what her favorite part was, she says she liked riding in the firetruck (she got to sit in the cab, but it didn't go anywhere) and meeting "Tony, the firefighter!" Yes, one of the firefighters caught her attention. She said he was goofy (and she giggles when she says that! Um... she FOUR!). I am begining to think we'll lock her up in the house when she's 11 instead of 14, like I had originally planned! The Chandler Fire Dept. did a great presentation and were so nice to all the kids. Ashlyn wanted to know what she needed to do to become a firefighter woman and one of the firefighters was very informative. He gave all kinds of tips about doing good in school and eating healthy so she can be strong enough to be a firefighter. She was so cute when he was telling her all this, with a serious look on her face and she kept nodding intently like she was taking mental notes. She decided that's the career for her and her friend, Avery, wants to be a policeman... or a princess, she's still not sure. They talked about it all the way home from the park and decided they want to save people for their jobs! My cheeks hurt from smiling after that drive! They were so serious, discussing their future life plans! Oh, and she decided not to tell the firefighters that they're handsome. I'm not sure if she didn't think they were or not but she told me as soon as they showed up that she wasn't going to. She's a funny kid, isn't she?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Ava-My-Wava" is growing up!

Ava has just been blowing us away with her talking for last little bit. She communicates so well (sometimes, too well. She can get a little sassy!) But her crowning achievement has got to be her potty training. She has it DOWN! She LOVES her Dora panties and does a great job of keeping them dry with no help from her lazy-on-potty-training-mother! She has a crazy bladder and can hold it longer than Ashlyn! She also is sleeping in her big girl bed. She just gets up a lot to go potty at night which makes Mom and Dad tired and cranky. And believe me, we don't need help in that department! She really is so fun, though! Ashlyn is excited about her Firefighter picnic for school tomorrow and can't wait to tell the firemen she thinks they're handsome! She has a thing for firemen, I guess! She spots them in the grocery store and can tell it's a firefighter before the rest of us can! She wants to be a "fire-woman" when she grows up! Corey says as long as she can pass the physical, she's in! I'm still pushing for her to be doctor of some kind. Corey's been working hard! CYM football starts in march and I know he can't wait! I finished my hours at CRH and LOVED the experience! I have 7 classes going right now and am loving it but am really looking forward to being a PTA, especially after the observation hours! I really think this is my niche!

Friday, January 18, 2008

R.I.P. Cuddles!

So, today I ran over my cat! How many days can you say that? Well, today a bunch of new things happened! I actually cried (no, sobbed!) in front of total strangers! I'm not usually very comfortable crying in public and today was no exception. So, I was very uncomfortable when I rushed my mangled cat to the vet down the street and tried not to feel weirded out when I burst into tears while trying to tell the receptionist I needed help for my poor little cat! Well, I was already uncomfortable so I went with it and just bawled the rest of the time I was there. The vet was so nice and even cried along side of me when she had to put poor Cuddles to sleep. So, here's some things I learned today. It's OK to cry in public if you're a cat murderer. A four year girl KNOWS what C A T spells, especially if you spell it out in a sentence that explains that a car rolled over it's head (when you're on the phone with your husband, who feels bad for you but is also SO glad not to be facing murder charges!). The same four year old will also politely ask you why you ran over the cat with the car in a very innocent but crushing way (no pun intended!). Also, it's amazing how much an annoying, always nipping, never moving out of the way for cars (DUH!), furniture scratching but always ready for attention and cuddling little cat means to a family until it becomes a lesson about life and death for kids! Ashlyn definitely doesn't grasp the concept of the death, which makes me take a step back and realize what a sweet place she in life. Her talks about Cuddle's demise are both innocent and so straight forward... too straight forward! I keep caving from the guilt! Well, sorry Cuddles! Under the wheels of a caravan is no place for such a nice kitty!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ragnar Relay

OK, so I just checked out what I'll be doing for that 180 mile relay in Feb. I just got really nervous! I'm runner number 11 (you can see the map of what I'll be doing on ). My first leg will be 7.7 miles and is categorized as "hard." Um... what does that mean? Why do they use the word hard? That's not very nice! I think "challenging" or "rewarding" sounds better to me! My second leg sounds much happier. Listen to this... 2.9 miles and "easy." Doesn't that have a nicer ring to it? My last leg puts me as the second to last runner and is 4.2 miles and a "moderate" course, although after close to 24 hours of this race, moderate may be understated. I wonder if everyone is supposed to run into the finish line. Maybe that is the plan for the first runner who hasn't ran in a while. Hmmm... I hope I don't embarrass Corey because of this run! (His boss is how we got into this.) Actually, I hope I can walk after this!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to Blogging?

I'm new to all this so hopefully I'm doing this right. Happy New Year! I'm so excited for all that 2008 is promising! Corey's family headed home yesterday. We were sad to see them go. Ava keeps asking for grandma and grandpa. It was nice to see everyone. Corey is doing a great job at work. So great that his boss dropped him a friendly e-mail before our Mexico trip just to praise his great work ethics. Ashlyn is going back to preschool on Monday, the 7th. I'm really excited...she's not as excited. Ava is talking up a storm. She is taking the plunge and sleeping in a big girl bed for naps these days. Maybe tonight we'll brave no crib walls to confine her...maybe! I start a few classes on the 12th and am setting up my observation hours at Chandler Regional Hospital's physical therapy office so I can start my PTA (physical therapy assistant) program in May. I can't wait! I'm one of those weirdo's who LOVES going to school. Hope everyone had a safe and happy new years day!