Sunday, November 16, 2008

A tale of two blogs... The Good!

The week of Halloween 2008 had a very decisive two part tangle of emotions that are being shortly split into two blogs. So here we go with the good!

I think I look great in Mom's jacket. That's all I'm saying. I look good. Real good. That's it. Nothing else to say. Except that I look good. So good.

I got to spend a weekend with my family in Utah and had the best weekend ever! It started off with a journey following the rough riders Dad & Grandpa. My forearm is still sore from pulling the throttle back trying to keep up. Thanks for the great time! Good picture though, huh? I look good in Mom's jacket, no?

Why'd that guy on the right have to ruin this photo? It's like a photo of a rosebed with a cockroach on one of the flowers. Adrie is so CUTE! Alaina (also cute) is such a good mom and I'm glad we got to see each other.

Here's the gang, centered around Mom and Dad's "yellow" flavored shake. That's right... yellow flavored.
I was proud of Ryan when he slipped a bite of peppermint milkshake to Trenton! Way to go!

Trenton is my favorite youngest nephew, by far. He looks like he's trying to figure a way out of that towel in this picture. Can you see it? He is such a good baby. Ryan and Erica are awesome parents and made me proud.

Again with the cockroach? Rahcel has such a pretty smile! Trent-dog is perfect!
You three make a great family! Trenton's lucky to have you guys as parents. You're lucky to have Trenton as a son! A match made in heaven!Thanks to everyone for making my weekend so great!
And now.... scroll down for the flip side of good emotions.


kendall said...

It was soo fun to have you here! Come again!

You look SO GOOD in that leather jacket. I mean, seriously.

Cheri said...

YES, you do look good in that jacket! What a fun but quick week-end. Great to meet little Trenton! XOX

Alaina said...

I love this blog! I love your commentary on the weekend. Nice jacket. So sad about the second one :( Forced remodeling huh. We love and miss you!

Rachel said...

Aw well this blog is very happy! I'm so glad you could come visit us.

I have to say look so good in that jacket!

Naters and Katers said...

When I scrolled down to see the photo of everyone at Ice Burg my taste buds got really jealous!

Naters and Katers said...

I recieved the cutest Christmas card in the mail yesterday! Thank you for thinking of us!