Sunday, January 4, 2009

Very few words, lots of pictures!

We've been busy working and playing. -We definitely have enjoyed the playing part more!

Rachel can fly!

Madilyn is so hungry that she ate a fake watermelon slice!

Ava living the good life south of the border!

When can we go back?

The Christmas morning camp-out with new sleeping bags!

Ashlyn is so BIG! She got her ears pierced just before going to see Santa.

OK, I enjoyed the working part because of the company! Thanks for the days and days and days of help Dad!

Ahhhhh!!! Sugar rush!!!!!


Rachel said...

Wow! So many things have happened lately! I love the girls' sleeping bags. They are the cutest little sisters.

...and Ashlyn getting her ears pierced, she's brave!

Cheri said...

Great blog! Loved hearing the squeals chasing the waves! XOX

Jamie and Heather Darger said...

Did you know you had a friend named Jamie? Just checking - :) We were talking about you the other day. Hope all is well.

Erica said...

Yay! We really missed out this year. That's such a cute picture of Ashlyn getting her ears pierced - how exciting! I love you guys!

Naters and Katers said...

The girls are looking so adorably grown up! The kitchen progress looks great! Miss you guys.

Andréa Morrow said...

Hey I saw your blog on Lindsay's :) it was great seeing you the other day..and had no clue about you having surgery..what for? anyways, I'm so glad I have your blog now so I can keep up w/ your beautiful family!! check us out at