Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Training Schedule

Here's Ava training to fly.

And a little time under the stack.

Training in the kitchen, training on the Wii, training, training, training.

And the un-photo'd dad in this house training on the nachos. It's how we do it.


Erica said...

They are so grown up! Ava wiggling to the Wii and Ashlyn using powertools! :) And they're such great cheerleaders! I can't wait to see you guys!

Rachel said...

You guys are busy busy! So cute. I wish Ava were here to hula hoop on my Wii! And Ashlyn were here to mix my cookies! They are too cute.

YEsssssssssssss you're coming to see me.

Au.D. Student said...

Ava looks just like a little fairy in the flying pic. How cute! You all (including non-pictured Corey) look great! No surprise coming from the family of Da Man. :) You Da Man, Sally! I miss you tons (which shouldn't be the case since we live like 3 miles apart)! Hope to meet up again soon when you get a little un-busy. XOXO always

Cheri said...

Ava looks like Peter Pan! She CAN fly! And Ashlyn can make me cookies anytime. XOX

Andréa Morrow said...

hey I just started doing hip hop at this dance studio called higher ground and was wondering if you'd be interested :) it's fun! email me at dreadog7@gmail.com

Talia said...

Ava is soooooooo asome.And we could use a little hand in the kitchen.I love you guys.